Mrs. Honerman's Classroom Management
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I think that the TEACH method is a great manner to implement classroom management. The TEACH method consists of five components:
T - Tailor for diversity
E - Encourage positive behavior
A - Arrange the environment for success
C - Consult your peers
H - Hug yourself
T, tailor for diversity, encourages teachers to get to know as much about their students as possible. This includes how they learn, what their ethnic background is, what their culture involves, how they act and what stressors they may be influenced by outside of the classroom.
E, encourage positive behavior, asks teachers to use a ratio of 4:1 positive statements to negative corrections for ALL students - even the trouble maker who never wants to get homework done on time.
A, arrange the environment for success, involves teaching students behavioral expectations in a direct manner and on the very first day they are in class. This includes creating classroom rules and routines.
C, consult your peers, pushes teachers to talk to experienced teachers and specialists when it is necessary. This should happen before a difficult problem is nearly impossible to overcome.
H, hug yourself, encourages teachers to focus on accomplishments rather than only on what is frustrating or not working. By doing this, teachers can help prevent stress burnouts.
"A child miseducated is a child lost." ~ John F. Kennedy