Accelerated Reader (AR) Requirements
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Accelerated reader is a computer software program designed to assess reading comprehension and reward students for reading success


         Select an AR book.

o   Choose a book from the list Ė found in my classroom or the library (a red dot does not guarantee AR)

o   Each AR book is worth a certain amount of points. You may read any combination of number of books/points each book is worth.

ß  For example: 3 books at 5 points each = 15 points for the quarter


                                                 5 books at 3 points each = 15 points for the quarter

         Read the book.

         Take a quiz over the book.

o   Take the AR test on the computer in my classroom before school, after school, during my planning time (5th hour), or during advisory. Please schedule a time with me.

o   As long as you pass the AR quiz, you will receive full points for the book.

o   All quizzes must be completed a few days before the end of the quarter Ė I will post this date as it gets closer. Keep track of your own points in your planner Ė I will not add up your points until the AR due date.

Freshmen Points
10-12     A
7-9         B
4-6         C
2-3         D
<2          F
Sophomore Points
13-15     A
10-12     B
7-9        C
3-6        D
<3         F

Tips for Accelerated Reader


DO take the test as soon as you can after finishing the book.


DONíT rely on movie versions of the book to get you through the test. Movies are often quite different.


DONíT take a test on a book youíve already read (it wonít let you). Do not take tests over books you read in previous classes. Itís pretty obvious when everyone takes a test over Hatchet.


DO participate in AR. It is possible that you could fail if you choose not to read. Also, it may help you improve your reading scores on standardized tests.

"The more you read, the more things you know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go." ~ Dr. Seuss